Why We Choose Which Mediums We Use

This thought chain was inspired by a line in “If You Could See Me Now” by The Script (a beautiful song if ever I heard one), which reads “’cause the man wasn’t good he was great/ he’d say take that rage, put it on a page, bring the page to the stage and blow the roof off the place”. Here is someone saying to take all those real feelings (things that are backed by morality) and express it using one of the best mediums out there. Music.

I too, like to write songs portraying my philosophical ideas (don’t worry, they’re not as stuffy as that sentence) but mainly, I like to use novels and short stories and such to portray my large ideas. I guess that it’s just easier to show them using situational examples, and to portray exactly what I mean using that much text (although there are tons of ways to do it using something like lyrics and poetry). It’s just a different medium that I love.

But I wonder a lot why people would choose that.

Why is it some people take this big idea, say for example, portraying real courage, and say “I should write a books about that” or “I should write a song about that”. Is it something to do with how right or left brained we are? I believe it’s all about exposure. If you are from a family who writes songs constantly, you might be more inclined towards that. But if you’re from a family of writers, you might swing that way. I think it’s a certain type of person who really cares about correcting wrongs and showing rights and doing it SOME way, that can portray those things. What medium they use, can all really be left up to chance (including the chance that, hey, they like to play music, or write books, or blogs, or paint, or sculpt).

Sometimes people go out and search for something, or stumble upon it, so it’s not really what their upbringing decides.

So whatever hobby you like, the fact that you have a hobby or passion is just an opportunity for you to use that for good. To help better the world by portraying your beliefs.

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