The Circle Of Life

It’s a popular belief that time is more like a wheel, that everything that happens will happen again in some other form.

I would actually have to agree on some level. The word “cycle” come to mind when I think of these examples:

In the beginning of human culture, we were mostly physical beings, we dealt with the physical world, and tried to survive (this is way back in nomadic times).

Then people started to think more, tell stories, learn lessons. Soon we had religion, and people focussed more on thought and mental capabilities than physical (think about when church and government were one and the same). Physical capabilities were almost meaningless, it was your knowledge and cunning that got you places.

Then we had the major wars, and although warring has been around since the beginning, the most information that is had on it is between clans of early civilizations (Sumerians, Celtic, Nomadic, Arabic, African, and even Native American). Then there’s this great jump to established civilizations having wars. From what I’ve researched, conquerers, were common from the early BC’s, up until the 200’s (AD), but there is a great leap where conquerers (whom I chose to look at as people using brute strength to make advances in their civilization) are thinly dispersed until around the 1000’s, where they become exceedingly more common.

In the beginning, the tactics of conquerers were what someone might expect. Mostly, it was a brute effort, strength against strength. But after the leap, tactic becomes a key component. It wasn’t about who’s men were bigger or who had more weapons, but who could be the smarter army as well, although being bigger and having the most weapons was definitely still an important factor.

This illustrates a huge jump. Where we are starting to lean more towards the balance of mental and physical, we still go through periods where we lean on one more heavily. This is like a cycle. At one point, in modern history, diplomatic relations were probably key in dealing with foreign policy, but now we have communications via bombs! (Think about Jordan’s recent actions against Isis).

So this is definitely a cycle on a global scale, although this example also illustrates human’s finding a mental and physical balance on all scales.

Another example (of how the world might work in cycles) is the improvement of civilizations itself. Think of America for a second. We started out as a group of people who wanted to improve on their current form of government, so they did. Then we had that wonderfully sketchy period where the president was basically the biggest fat cat around and bought his way in.

But now people are extremely unsatisfied, and I believe a panic almost has set over Americans concerning their government. People are afraid of terrorism and our national debt crisis. We have several crisis at once, and people are beginning to realize, “hey, we need a decent pres.”. This might not be the first time this has happened, but it definitely lays out a cycle. The shift of “things” in America goes from bad to good. And when it is bad, as it will always get bad again, we look to strong leaders, and try to improve our government and civilization as a whole. When it’s good though, we turn our attention away (which is probably why it keeps getting bad… anyhoo).

So here is some outlined cycles. If you want to see a situation go under the cycle test, just comment with it and I’ll put it up!

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